Drop Off

A Drop-Off Tour views the shipwrecks, the flowerpots, and includes a stopover at Flowerpot Island. You will arrive at Beachy Cove, the drop-off point on Flowerpot Island, approximately 30-50 minutes after your departure from Tobermory. Since you are disembarking onto Flowerpot Island, you will need to purchase a National Park Pass that is valid for the day of your sailing. After your hike on the island, we will pick you back up from Beachy Cove at your pre-booked return time. The return ride is approximately 20 minutes back to our dock.

Face masks are mandatory.

No refunds or exchanges for missed sailings.  All sailings operate on strict schedules.

Stay Aboard

A stay aboard tour is an excellent way to see the sights of Fathom Five National Marine Park from the water.
All of our tours leave Bruce Anchor’s departure dock at exactly the time they are scheduled. From there, cruise passengers are taken into Big Tub Harbour to view two of Fathom Five National Marine Park’s historic shipwrecks. These wrecks are easily viewed over the sides of our vessels or through our large glass panel floors – that you can stand on!!
After the shipwreck viewing our tour will take you around Flowerpot Island to view the historic light station and famous Flowerpots.
This tour option is great for those who prefer not to hike on Flowerpot Island, or for those who prefer to stay dry on a rainy day.

Face masks are mandatory.

No refunds or exchanges for missed sailings.  All sailings operate on strict schedules.


Please visit our COVID page for updates.

Please note: The Cave Staircase, Light House Museum and Store, and the Lightstation Trail on Flowerpot Island are closed as physical distancing is not possible.

If you have a campsite booked on Flowerpot Island, please email us to reserve transportation.

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For further Fathom Five National Marine Park (Flowerpot Island) COVID-19 updates, please visit here.

If our booking system is only allowing you to book one seat at a time, that sailing only has one seat remaining. We recommend choosing another tour time with more seating available for your group.


As Flowerpot Island is a National Park, all drop off tour guests will be required to purchase a National Parks Pass in order to be dropped off on Flowerpot Island. For more information, click here.